Yearly Archives: 2004

Guru Dan Inosanto Seminar

For those of you that know me, they know I've been an avid martial artists for a while now, and recently had the distinct pleasure of attending a seminar of Guru Dan Inosanto. For those of you not in the know, Guru Dan is probably one of the largest figures in the Martial Arts world, […]

Crazy Fun with CFCs and Functions: StructToBean()

This totally defeats all purposes of OO encapsulation, and a variety of other principles, but it was a fun time to play around with. Basically, i wanted to see if I could turn a Struct into a Bean object on the fly. Strangely enough, it was pretty simple considering the flexibility you have with functions […]

^*^%$$$!!! Referrer Spam Spiders!

I'm really starting to get annoyed with all the spiders I am getting through my site, simply so that they can put referrers in my web logs. It wouldn't be such a big deal, considering it's very easy for me to pick out which referrers are real and which aren't pretty fast. The issue comes […]

CFEclipse 1.1.17 Released!

The new CFEclipse has been released – with some awesome new features: Ehanced CFC Browser, Bracket Highlighting, Text drag and drop, cold folding, and a whole slew of bug fixes! More details can be seen at here Thanks for your work guys!

ColdFusion Identity Hash Code

I'm doing some CF R&D (basically I have a little free time, and I was thinking about playing with some things) – and I needed a hash code that would be specific to an object- more often than not a complex object like a Struct or Array. After a bit of experimentation I found that […]

CFEclipse Presentation on Thursday For CFUG Melbourne

Just a note to let anyone who doesn’t know – I’m doing a presentation this Thursday to the Melbourne CFUG on using Eclipse as a IDE for developing ColdFusion. To c/p from the notice that was sent out to the CFAUSSIE mailing list, I will be presenting: Installing Eclipse  Plugin installation (including CFEclipse, as well […]

Javascript escape() and UTF-8

Something I came across today when dealing with Chinese languages – the javascript escape() function only works for ASCII characters, so if you are using another language things tend to go wonky pretty quick. The function you want to use is encodeURIComponent() which will handle Unicode quite happily. For a bit more reading: WorldTimZone's article […]

CASE in ORDER BY statement

This was one of those things where I've just gone 'I wonder if this works..' and strangely enough it DID! Situation was something like the following (okay – something is a very broad term, because it wasn't really like this at all) – I have a document management system – and each document has a […]

Star Wars: Just release the original!

Okay – looking at this article from CNN – I start to get a tad annoyed.  All I really want to see is the original Star Wars, in it’s original format, with the original voices played by the original actors.  Is it SO hard to simply release the DVD box set in the original format? […]