Yearly Archives: 2006

Speaking at WebDU

Now my name is officially on the list of speakers , I can happily announce that I am talking at the 2007 WebDU conference in Sydney, Australia . I’m very excited about this, as this is my first time presenting at a conference, and I think this is going to be lots of fun. Un-surprisingly, […]

Transfer 0.6 Released

After a bit of time in a release candidate, version 0.6 of Transfer is ready to be released. There is nothing very exciting to report, other than the fact that release candidate saw some critical fixes , so I'm very happy with the choice to do that, and we will see a release pattern much […]

Melbourne Contract Position

This just came across my desk…   Contract position in Melbourne for a skilled CFMX developer. A good environment and attractive hourly rates beckon for anyone with a good grasp of OO development using the mach-ii framework. We also use ColdSpring and Transfer to sweeten this mix. A large, industry-leading application is being built and […]

Transfer Presentation Recording and Sample Application

If you were unable to attend the Connect presentation yesterday that Brian Rinaldi organized for Transfer ORM, you can watch the recording here . I haven't uploaded the slides, as I figured that the recording is far more valuable than just the slides by themselves. If you want the slides, let me know, and I'd […]

Transfer ORM Breeze Presentation thanks to Brian Rinaldi

Thanks to Brian Rinaldi over as , I will be presenting via Breeze on Transfer ORM on November 6th, at 4pm EST. I'm planning on covering the basics of Object Relational Mappers, why they are around, and what problems they solve in developing applications. From there we will look at Transfer, how it works, […]

Transfer 0.6RC1 Released

I'm very pleased to announce the Release Candidate of 0.6 of Transfer ORM for ColdFusion. Since there has been such a huge leap forward in terms of functionality between 0.5 and 0.6, I decided to run a release candidate for a short while, before releasing a final build of 0.6. Any and all commentary is […]

Transfer moved to RIAForge

Transfer has been officially moved to RIAForge , at Barring a few files that are still left on , everything else is running through RIAForge.  Those old files will remain on cfopen, until the 0.6RC1 release, which should hopefully be sometime this week, at which time I’ll shut down the old project. […]

Transfer tutorial over at RemoteSynthesis

Brian Rinaldi over at has written up a short tutorial on Transfer , including details on how he integrated it with the ColdSpring . It's a really nice introduction into using Transfer, so if you are interested in Transfer, please go over and have a look . Much thanks, Brian!