Yearly Archives: 2009

ColdFusion Builder Beta 3 on Linux

ColdFusion Builder 3 is up on Labs , and available for download, so it's now time to update my scripts for getting it up and running on Linux. The procedure is as following: Download the intermediate build *for MAC* (very important! The Windows Adobe Licensing will prevent you from using the Windows version any more, […]

Sneak Peak: Transfer’s new Plug-able Cache

If you've kept and eye on the transfer-dev mailing list, or possibly on Brian Ghidinelli's blog you may well have already seen this, but its an interesting development with the next version of Transfer, so I figured it could use some discussion. If you have a look in the Transfer SVN repository, you will see […]

JavaLoader 1.0 Beta Released

JavaLoader 1.0 is moving from Alpha to Beta with only a few small bug fixes and enhancements. If you are not familiar with JavaLoader 1.0's functionality, you can have a look at my previous blog post , the documentation and/or the presentation I did at MAX for more information. The was a logic bug in […]

ColdFusion Builder Beta 2 on Linux

For those of you who have been running ColdFusion Builder on Linux, you may have noticed that the installer structure has changed since the last public beta, which means that my previous instructions will no longer work. This means we have to jump through some different hoops to get things to work this time around. […]

Ben Forta is Coming to cf.Objective(ANZ)!

In case you missed the tweets, I am very pleased to announce that Ben Forta will be joining us in Melbourne, Australia for cf.Objective(ANZ) ! Ben will be joining ColdFusion Evangelist Terry Ryan to represent Adobe ColdFusion here in Australia, and the two of them will be around to chat to all attendees about ColdFusion […]