Adobe eSeminar tomorrow: Transfer ORM Caching Mechanics

Just a reminder that I'm doing an Adobe eSeminar tomorrow at 2pm on Transfer Caching Mechanisms

One of the most powerful features of Transfer is its highly
configurable, in-built caching layer that allows for significant
performance gains for a given application when configured correctly.

During this eSeminar we'll discuss caching concepts such as
'caching algorithms' and 'memory sensitive caching', so that as a
Transfer Developer, you'll have a better understanding of the
intricacies of Transfer.

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  • Jim Rising | October 23, 2008

    bummer… looks like this was canceled?

  • Mark | October 24, 2008

    Not cancelled, happening today.

    What made you think it was cancelled?

  • Jim Rising | October 24, 2008

    when i went to the link for the acrobat meeting, it said:

    ‘Today’s eSeminar meeting has been canceled, sorry for the last minute change’

    if you have any questions, contact

  • Jim Rising | October 24, 2008

    What GMT are you in? Trying to figure out what time / day this is supposed to be occurring at. 🙂

    We’re CST (GMT -6) and PST (GMT -8).


  • Mark | October 24, 2008

    @Jim – if you click ‘world times’ you will a time and date for your City.

  • Jim Rising | October 24, 2008

    hehe… thanks. didn’t see that there. 🙂

  • joe | June 23, 2009

    I missed it. by any chance did you archive that?