An introduction to ColdFusion frameworks – now on Adobe Devnet!

I'm feeling pretty excited, because my first article for Adobe DevNet has finally been published.

An introduction to ColdFusion frameworks

It covers the differences between Model-View-Controller, Dependency Injection, and Persistence frameworks, and also gives a general overview of some of the most popular offerings that are available in ColdFusion right now.

There was a bit of a rush towards the end, and some pieces of it are not as perfect as I would have liked, but I hope that it serves as a way for people to enter into the ColdFusion framework world, gives them enough information so that they understand the differences between framework types, and also allow them to make an informed decision on which one to use based on their personal preferences and needs.

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  • ike | October 1, 2008

    Congrats Mark. 🙂 I’d have liked to see a few others mentioned (if not necessarily in depth), like FarCry (fourQ), DataMgr … and mine of course. 🙂 Though you did mention that at the end of the article. It’s a good introduction though despite the brevity. And I imagine Adobe are probably pretty strict about their word-counts. Was it difficult to cut it down to make it fit their requirements?

  • Nathan Mische | October 1, 2008

    Excellent timing Mark. My team is in the process of choosing a set of CF frameworks and I’m sure this article will help.

  • Henry Ho | October 2, 2008

    cool, when do I get to write an article for Adobe Developer Center? 🙂

  • Ronald | October 3, 2008

    I enjoyed the article – it was a great overview. How would you recommend someone get started in using these frameworks? Is it best to jump in with all 3 (MVC, DI, Persistence) all at once or can you start with one and then go to another (if so, which order would you recommend)?

  • Mark | October 4, 2008

    @Ronald, that is an interesting question. I would say, start with one, and go to another as you find your needs require it. However, as per which one, in some ways, I think it depends.

    If you were starting a new project from scratch, I would suggest starting off with a MVC framework, as I think its the easiest place to start, and gets you in a good mindset for the rest of your application.

    If you are refactoring an old application, I would actually recommend you start with a Dependency Injection framework, simply because it’s the least invasive of MVC/Di and will cause the least disruption to what you have already done.

    These are just my general rules of thumb however.

  • Nolan Erck | October 7, 2008

    Great article! I co-manage the Sacramento CFUG and we’re in the process of trying to provide more "introduction to frameworks" content for our group members. As much as I try not to re-post links from blogs on the same RSS feeds as myself, I’m going to make an exception here. 🙂


  • Daryl | October 31, 2008

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