AsyncHTTP 0.2 Released

Thanks to a Stefan (sorry, don't know your last name), and Rob Pilic who sent me emails about AsyncHTTP , there have been a couple of small enhancements / bug fixes made to this library.

The first solved a compatibility issue with CFMX 6.1.  This has been changed, and should mean that AsyncHTTP should now work on 6.1. (Cross Fingers)

The second involved some strange scenarios in which basic data was coming out of queries as strange data types, and was causing Java cast exceptions when doing post() requests.

Now the AsyncHTTP will automatically cast everything in the post formData argument to a String, which resolves this issue, and means there doesn't need to be any external JavaCast() calls on weird data.

That's pretty much it.

If anyone finds any other issues, please feel free to send me an email .   

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