Back from cf.Objective() 2010

I'm back home again from what I would like to say was, one of the best cf.Objective()'s
I have ever been to, including the fact that I was incredibly ill for
the last day of the conference. I only managed to catch two sessions in
the afternoon, and otherwise was holed up in my hotel room either fast
asleep, or feeling particularly sorry for myself.

There are many
things I would like to prescribe the incredibly high quality of the
conference to, but the the high calibre of the session presentations
really stands out at the main contributor.  I believe that when the
session quality of a conference is so high, the attendees are excited
and motivated by new ideas, which directly translates into fantastic
and thought inspiring hallway conversations, and everything continues
to flow from there.

To make a few particular references to presentations I particularly enjoyed –

Easy and Flexible Validations for Objects – Bob Silverberg
I had not previously taken the time to look at Bob's ValidateThis
framework, but let me just say this: It is slick!  I was very impressed
by what was possible with very little configuration, and the the
flexibility that was available. My hat is off to Bob for his work with
this validation framework.

Continuous Integration with MXUnit, Ant and Hudson – Marc Esher
is always a very entertaining presenter, and this presentation was no
exception.  I've used Hudson with MXUnit before, but it was still
fantastic to see Marc explain this technology in a very clear and easy
to understand manner.  He also gets points in my book for using the
Hudson Chuck Norris plugin.

Polyglot Programming – Barney Boisvert
If anyone has read Barney's blog,
they should already know that he's a super smart fellow.  This
presentation only solidified this fact, in which Barney dug deep into
the very compelling reasons a developer should potentially look into
developing with multiple languages at a time (something as web
developers we are doing already).  Barney covered some really
interesting points about language design, the intent of programming
code and qualifying return on investment in regards to polyglot
programming. All great stuff!

Running ColdFusion on the Amazon EC2 Cloud – Chris Peterson
was a session I really wanted to attend, but unfortunately I slept
through due to illness.  I wanted to make note of it, as I was told
that Chris had a completely filled room, and I've been told it was a really interesting presentation all around.

Building Advanced Workflows with ColdSpring – Dan Skaggs
I don't believe I have had the opportunity to see Dan
speak before this, but this presentation was an eye opener!  I came to
this presentation with my 'ColdSpring Lead Developer' hat on to see
what interesting things people were doing with ColdSpring, and came
away with a new found respect for the framework itself, and the
ingenuity that Dan was displaying in his use of it.  Dan walked us
through how his company was using ColdSpring to dynamically configure
application workflow and processing – which enables it to be both
incredibly flexible in its implementation and amazingly easy to

Bob Silverberg and I also did a two day Hands on ColdFusion 9 ORM Training
before the conference.  Thanks to all our students who attended – we
had a great time teaching the program, and we hope you guys got a lot
out of it.  If anyone else is ever interested in taking the training
course, please provide your contact details on the website so we can
contact you at a later date.

All in all, a great conference all around.  See you all again next year!

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