Beating Spamming Referrers at their own game…

You know.. instead of disallowing spam referrer bots from access to your site, and you instead pushed them to a page that had 500 links back to the referrer in which they came, the bots would continue on their merry way on to the site that they are wanting to advertise…

Maybe something like this here (view source to see the evil genius) >;)

Works well for those who are ‘accidentally’ picked up, and need to get back in (i.e. the copy paste directions).. and if you’re a spam bot.. you get sent on your way… again and again and again…

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  • Niklas Richardson | January 25, 2005

    How do you know if it’s a spam bot?

  • Mark | January 27, 2005

    I go through my logs alot, and pick out the URLs and words that are used, and have a heap of regular expressions to pick up spam referrerers.

    i.e. – anything with more than two hyphen’s in it, will probably be spam – anything with the words credit, casino, mortgage, loan, commerce, money etc tends to be spam.

    If anyone legit gets the alert, there are instriuctions to copy paste the current URL into a new window.
    (and hopefully they do, and not just leave my site)