Bender goes Alpha – No More Vapourware!

Toby Tremayne has (finally? ;o) ) released an Alpha version of his Flex to Transfer bridge Bender.

Bender looks to be a very interesting project, in that it generates the AS for you that mirrors the generated TransferObjects that come our of Transfer

It also handles passing data back and forth between Transfer and Flex, and back again, without you having to do any of the translation between.

neat thing about Bender as well, is that you can set up mappings, such
that when you call on the AS side, it can either call
Transfer directly, or, you can send the save() request to a completely
different mapped CFC and/or method!  This gives you complete
flexibility over your architecture.

I'm really liking the work that Toby is doing on Bender, and I think it's going to be a real asset to the Transfer library.

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