Blatant Plug For This Site’s ColdFusion Hosting – NovaHost

I just had a really nice experience with NovaHost today, so I felt like sharing the love.

Novahost sponsors the ColdFusion hosting for CompoundTheory, and also for Transfer-orm, and for that I'm always very, very grateful.

Today, I needed some aspects of this hosting changed, so I jut popped
them a quick Instant Message via MSN, and was quickly handled, without
any problem at all.  I just love it when Customer Serivice just works!

If you are interested in shared ColdFusion hosting in Australia, click
the ad on the right hand side of this post.  They're reliable, easy to
deal with, and are run by people who understand ColdFusion (which for
me is the big selling point).

Okay, I'll stop being gushy now, but seriously, check them out 😉

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