Branding for Transfer released at cf.Objective()

This may seem a little behind the times, but between my HD crashing at
conference, and trying to physically meet as many people as possible
(and have a few drinks too), I didn’t blog that at cf.Objective() I released the new logo and branding for Transfer!

Transfer Logo

This was designed by my girlfriend, who, as you can see, can definitely do a far better job than my usual programmer artwork.

As well as this, there is an upcoming
project site for Transfer.  Currently this just points back to the
compoundtheory project page, but expect to see a Transfer specific
page, with a wiki, coldfusion based trac and all sorts of other
interesting things.

I have yet to write up a full blog post on cf.Objective(), as I only
got back a couple of days ago, and have still been rebuilding my
laptop, so expect that, and presentation slides and example code etc to
come soon!

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  • Joseph Lamoree | May 11, 2007

    That rocks pretty hard. I wish I had been at cf.objective() to see it.

  • John Allen | May 12, 2007

    Where’s the badge version?
    Lets us spread this great looking branding around the web!
    Ill put it on all my sites!

    Thanks MM
    Transfer rulz

  • jim collins | May 16, 2007

    Nice logo. Can you make it bigger?
    We want pictures of this alleged "girlfriend".

  • Mark | May 16, 2007

    Glad you all like it.

    @John: you’re welcome.
    @Jim: no.