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ColdSpring News, CFConversations RoundTable and other cf.Objective() tidbits

While I am recovering from the Australian WebDU conference, a few days before that started I got off a plane after the end of the wonderful cf.Objective() conference. I have to say, this year's cfObjective() was the best organised out of all the years I have been to.  As per usual, the content was stellar, […]

cf.Objective(), a review from Down Under

Okay, forgive me one Australia joke ;o). cf.Objective() was an absolutley fanstastic conference all around, and I had an incredible time.  Not only were the presentations top notch, but it's always an incredible pleasure to meet up with the people that I only tend to see once a year, and I always get a huge […]

Transfer Documentation Moves to a Wiki

As you may have picked up the occasional teaser, the Transfer documentation has been officially moved to a new Wiki, which can be found at The old URLs now redirect to this link, and the project page links are also pointing here. This is one of the new faces of the soon to be […]

Speaking at cf.Objective()

Yesterday I got notified that I will be speaking at cf.Objective() next year!  I am very excited about coming over again and speaking.  Last year was an amazing experience, and it will be great to catch up with all the people who I only ever get to see face to face once a year. I'm […]

Transfer Mailing List: 130 People!!!

I just checked out the mailing list for Transfer, and we're currently at 130 people! Wow! When I left for cf.Objective(), we were at 94, and I was hoping we would soon be at 100… I had a peek today, and we're actually at 130! That's an increase of 36 people since cf.Objective() Started! That's […]

cf.Objective() Wrap up from Downunder

Now that things have finally settled down getting back to Australia (and I finally have a laptop that I can use again), I can put some of my thoughts down on (virtual) paper on the recent cf.Objective() conference. First of all, let me just say that this conference was the single best ColdFusion learning experience […]