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ColdDoc 1.0 Release (and a move to GitHub)

ColdDoc is one of those projects I don’t work without these days. No matter the project, I’ve always got a stack of CFCs in it, and I need a way to document what objects I have, and what methods they have on them. A great example being the ColdSpring 2 project.  I’ve got my local […]

ColdDoc 1.0 Alpha Released

When ColdDoc was first born, the original idea was to just output a port of Javadoc.  Looking into it further, I realised that the mechanics where there to generate any sort of documentation, not just a static HTML version of the API. To that effect, ColdDoc has been refactored so that it is possible to […]

ColdDoc 0.2 Released

Not a huge amount to report here, this release fixes a bug in which if there is no 'init' method on a CFC, ColdDoc ends up throwing an error. You can download ColdDoc 0.2 from here .

ColdDoc 0.1 Released

ColdDoc 0.1 is finally ready as a release version. ColdDoc is a port of JavaDoc for ColdFusion, and generates static .html files that display API information for a collection of CFCs. ColdDoc was initially written to output the API documentation for Transfer, which can be seen here . The benefits of outputting documentation to static […]