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Simplify Threaded Processing with FutureThreadedWorker

Having worked with both Groovy, (J)Ruby and, Java and (to a much smaller degree) Clojure, I can pretty easily claim that ColdFusion's threading and distributed processing capabilities.. leave a little to be desired. (Okay, actually a whole lot). There are solutions though – using a job queuing system like Amazon SQS, IronMQ, or if you […]

cf.Objective(ANZ) is only a Month Away!

Wow, time flies! Seems like only yesterday I was doing the closing remarks on the last cf.Objective(ANZ), and now it's already around the corner. This year is going to be great once again, with lots of top notch speakers and a program that is going to be really interesting as well! The sessions that I'm […]

ColdFusion 10 with Ubuntu Upstart

Setting up ColdFusion 10 on an Ubuntu Server, and as per usual, the installation option to start up ColdFusion when the server starts does not work on Linux. So I wondered how hard it would be to set this up using Upstart, and it was surprisingly easy with a few bit of trial and error. […]

cf.Objective() 2012 Slide Decks

In case anyone would like access to them, here are my slide decks for the two presentations that I gave at cf.Objective() this year. The first one is Getting closure on Closures – this can be run directly from ColdFusion 10, as a html slide deck which includes the running code. The second one, A/B […]

ColdFusion 10 and Closures: The Sesame Library

Writing my presentation for cf.Objective(), Getting closure on Closures, I found I was writing a few common utility functions for use with Closures to use and show in my talk, and as general utilities for coding. I wanted to bundle these functions into a project, and put it on Github so that we could all […]

JavaLoader 1.1, and a Move to GitHub

A couple of new items in this release of JavaLoader: A few bug fixes in the NetworkClassLoader that allowed the Tika library to work. A new function for switching out the ThreadContextClassLoader. The new function, swithThreadContextClassLoader() is useful as it is often required when dealing with libraries, such as dom4j, that use the ClassLoader to […]

Custom Schemas in Coldspring 2

One of the most powerful new features in Coldspring 2 is the ability to create custom xml schemas that can be used within your XML configuration. Rather than go into the details of how to write and configure custom schemas, here is an example of one that comes bundled with CS2 out of the box. In […]

ColdSpring 2 is available on GitHub

This is something I did a while ago, but for whatever reason, totally forgot to announce publicly. Thanks to the power of distributed version control, there is a copy of the Git repository for ColdSpring 2 on Sourceforge, as well as one on GitHub. It goes without saying that GitHub really is the best place […]

ColdDoc 1.0 Release (and a move to GitHub)

ColdDoc is one of those projects I don’t work without these days. No matter the project, I’ve always got a stack of CFCs in it, and I need a way to document what objects I have, and what methods they have on them. A great example being the ColdSpring 2 project.  I’ve got my local […]