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ColdSpring 2 Alpha 1 Released

After a long 2 years of development, ColdSpring 2, Alpha 1 is ready for release! It’s been a long road getting here, but with the rewrite of ColdSpring, means that ColdSpring 2 comes with a stack of new functionality that should help you out with all your dependency injection needs, and then some!!! To give […]

How I Configure ColdFusion ORM and Why

I’ve been reading quite a few mailing list posts on ColdFusion based ORM, and I find that I’m seeing a lot of repeats on what configuration settings people are generally using when setting up ORM in their Applicaiton.cfc, and why they should use certain settings. I figured it would be useful if I wrote down […]

ColdFusion Frameworks for Application Development @ ColdFusion Developer Week

Next week I'm proud to (slightly belatedly) announce that I will be doing a presentation entitled Using ColdFusion Frameworks for Application Development at next weeks online ColdFusion Developer Week. We will cover a basic introduction to Model-View-Controller, Dependency Injection and Object Relational Mapper concepts, as well as take brief looks at each of the major […]

Registration Open for cf.Objective(ANZ) + Flex

In case you missed the hullabaloo, registration recently opened for cf.Objective(ANZ) + Flex. I'm really excited about this years speaker line up, and honestly think that the sessions we have this year are the best we've ever had. We got awesome content on testing, frameworks, continuous integration, version control, and more. Basically, if it's used […]

I’m speaking at the cf.Objective() keynote

A little late to the party, but I'm really honoured to announce that I was invited to speak for part of the keynote at cf.Objective() in this year. I'll be joined by such venerable cohorts as Ray Camden, Scott Stroz, Jason Dean and Bob Silverberg, so it should be a great time all around, and […]