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Query Caching with Script Based Queries

I could not get query caching to work for me with Query objects, and I couldn't work out why for the longest time.  For example: <cfscript>     local.query = new Query(sql="select * from holidays",                             datasource="myDS",                             cachedWithin=createTimespan(0, 1, 0, 0));     local.result […]

Trying the CFML Plug-in on IntelliJ

For a long time I’ve been meaning to try out the the IntelliJ CFML plug-in for two reasons. One of which, I’ve always heard really good things about the IntelliJ platform for editing Java, Groovy and Flex, and also because as a Linux based ColdFusion developer, my CFML IDE options are limited. So I decided […]

cf.Objective(ANZ) Student Ticket Giveaway

Our wonderful sponsor Fasthit has kindly provided us, not only with a ticket to give away to a student living in Australia or New Zealand, but is also paying for flights and accommodation as well for the lucky winner. The rules are simple: You must be an Australian or New Zealand Resident You have to […]

cf.Objective(ANZ) 2010 in Full Swing

There has been so much going on with cf.Objective(ANZ), that I haven't even had time to blog about it! In case you missed the announcements, the pricing is now online, with the early bird price being lower than last years, at $749.00 including GST, valid until the 31st of August. There are a series of […]

Dzone RefCard – Leveraging ColdFusion 9 Exposed Services from Java

In ColdFusion 9, several Web Services come pre-built with the product, allowing greater interoperability between different technologies and ColdFusion. The other day saw the release of my Dzone RefCard outlining how you could take advantage of these Web Services from Java, and use ColdFusion's If you are doing Java development, and are looking to integrate […]

Presenting ColdSpring 2.0 on

On 6pm US ET, Wednesday May 19 I will be presenting Dependency Injection Redefined – ColdSpring 2.0 to the CFMeetup Crowd. For those of us in more southern parts of the world, that is 8:00am, the 20th of May, Australia. This is the same talk I recently gave at cf.Objective() and WebDU . Synopsis: ColdSpring […]

ColdSpring Framework on Twitter

Just a note to let everyone know I set up a twitter account for ColdSpring. It has automated updates for Git commits, and ticket events. It should be a good resource for helping people keep up to date with the going-on's of ColdSpring, and especially ColdSpring 2.0. Follow coldspring_fw on Twitter!