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Custom Schemas in Coldspring 2

One of the most powerful new features in Coldspring 2 is the ability to create custom xml schemas that can be used within your XML configuration. Rather than go into the details of how to write and configure custom schemas, here is an example of one that comes bundled with CS2 out of the box. In […]

ColdSpring 2 is available on GitHub

This is something I did a while ago, but for whatever reason, totally forgot to announce publicly. Thanks to the power of distributed version control, there is a copy of the Git repository for ColdSpring 2 on Sourceforge, as well as one on GitHub. It goes without saying that GitHub really is the best place […]

ColdSpring 2 Alpha 1 Released

After a long 2 years of development, ColdSpring 2, Alpha 1 is ready for release! It’s been a long road getting here, but with the rewrite of ColdSpring, means that ColdSpring 2 comes with a stack of new functionality that should help you out with all your dependency injection needs, and then some!!! To give […]

Presenting ColdSpring 2.0 on

On 6pm US ET, Wednesday May 19 I will be presenting Dependency Injection Redefined – ColdSpring 2.0 to the CFMeetup Crowd. For those of us in more southern parts of the world, that is 8:00am, the 20th of May, Australia. This is the same talk I recently gave at cf.Objective() and WebDU . Synopsis: ColdSpring […]

ColdSpring Framework on Twitter

Just a note to let everyone know I set up a twitter account for ColdSpring. It has automated updates for Git commits, and ticket events. It should be a good resource for helping people keep up to date with the going-on's of ColdSpring, and especially ColdSpring 2.0. Follow coldspring_fw on Twitter!

ColdSpring 2.0 – Now On SourceForge

Up until recently, the goings-on of what has been happening in ColdSpring 2.0 has been fairly limited to my twitter account. At cf.Objective(), I did a presentation entitled Dependency Injection Redefined – ColdSpring 2.0 Narwhal where I outlined what work had been done on ColdSpring 2.0, what was planned for the future, and where you […]

Back from cf.Objective() 2010

I'm back home again from what I would like to say was, one of the best cf.Objective()'s I have ever been to, including the fact that I was incredibly ill for the last day of the conference. I only managed to catch two sessions in the afternoon, and otherwise was holed up in my hotel […]