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ColdFusion & Flex Data Transformations with Conduit Filters

Previously I discuss a simple mechanism in Conduit to enable you to apply data transformations on outgoing data from ColdFusion to Flex, using a simple inheritance strategy, to overwrite how the CFC=>Flex VO object translation occurred. The only issue there is, if you need to be able to do different transformations, you end up having […]

Speaking at WebDU this year!

I'm a little late in posting this, but I had figured I should at least mention that I am speaking at WebDU this year again. For those who haven't been before, WebDU is a fantastic Adobe/Web technology focused conference that has been happened in Sydney for quite a while now.  This year I'm particularly excited […]

Improving on ColdFusion Remoting with Conduit

Since I've been working with Conduit, there have been several 'enhancements' to the Flex Remoting that I've implemented, above and beyond what ColdFusion provides out of the box. These are mostly little things, but since Conduit is Open Source, we are able to incorporate them into how Conduit works, and give us some new tools […]

Conduit: The ColdFusion Adapter for BlazeDS

This project started with writing the translation layer for doing Transfer to Flex communication, I ran into a pretty nasty bug in ColdFusion's remoting implementation, and then ended up in a place that solves all these problems, and is incredibly flexible and powerful to boot!  Quite the round trip, but well worth it in the […]