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No more Linux scripts for ColdFusion Builder

A few people have asked me about the ColdFusion Builder scripts for Linux for the new 1.0. I'm sorry to say that I won't be doing a script for ColdFusion Builder on Linux for the 1.0 release. I tried this morning to run my usual scripts to get a plugin install out of ColdFusion builder, […]

Mike Nimer’s CF Log Plugin

Yet another reminder I should get off my lazy butt and do some CF/Eclipse work – Mike Nimer decided to build himself a CFlog viewer and it's pretty neat too. To copy and paste – it's features include: Supports the ColdFusion log format. Supports multiple Log Folders Keeps a live connection to the log file […]

CFEclipse 1.1.17 Released!

The new CFEclipse has been released – with some awesome new features: Ehanced CFC Browser, Bracket Highlighting, Text drag and drop, cold folding, and a whole slew of bug fixes! More details can be seen at here Thanks for your work guys!

CFEclipse Presentation on Thursday For CFUG Melbourne

Just a note to let anyone who doesn’t know – I’m doing a presentation this Thursday to the Melbourne CFUG on using Eclipse as a IDE for developing ColdFusion. To c/p from the notice that was sent out to the CFAUSSIE mailing list, I will be presenting: Installing Eclipse¬† Plugin installation (including CFEclipse, as well […]

Eclipse and Unicode Support

Much thanks to Rob from CFEclipse for pointing this out for me. Eclipse by default does not support Unicode / UTF-8. Turning it on, is very easy if you know where it is. Goto: Window > Preferences > Workbench > Editors At the bottom of that screen you can see 'Text file encoding'. Just choose […]

New CFEclipse (1.1.15) – Good Stuff, But a Bit Buggy

Opened up my Eclipse, and got notified that there is now a 1.1.15 version of CFEclipse! (I should have known this anyway as I'm on the mailing list, but looks like I missed that one! Ooops!). Looks good!  Some new features are sweet – particularly that you can now sort CFC methods to alphabetical and […]

Second Impression on CFEclipse and Eclipse

I thought I would do a second impression on eclipse and cfeclipse, simply because I've been using it for the last few days, and have really had a chance to get into it. Quite frankly, I love it. The new verison (1.1.13) has just come in, with some great bug fixes, and it is so […]

First impressions of Eclipse and CFEclipse

Well, I’ve got some UTF-8 Coldfusion development I am working on, so I was forced to ditch Homesite+, and find an editor that I could use that would support Unicode. There was no way I was going across to Dreamweaver (heh), so I figured it was about time to check out Eclipse and CFEclipse. I […]