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Git Workflow: The Case of the Lost Refactor

This has happened to me more than once, so I've been thinking about how to organise my branching and merging to allow for this scenario. I get my ticket to do some new feature on the application I'm working on. I create a feature branch, usually in the format of feature/(ticketNumber)-(title) (Yeah, we follow A […]

ColdSpring 2 is available on GitHub

This is something I did a while ago, but for whatever reason, totally forgot to announce publicly. Thanks to the power of distributed version control, there is a copy of the Git repository for ColdSpring 2 on Sourceforge, as well as one on GitHub. It goes without saying that GitHub really is the best place […]

Fun with Decentralised Version Control

One thing Windows does better than Ubuntu on my Alienware M17x is allow me to use the low power mode on the laptop, which is perfect when flying. Once I had set up a simple development environment on my Windows partition, I needed a way to be able to work on my Coldfusion code, but […]