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How I Configure ColdFusion ORM and Why

I’ve been reading quite a few mailing list posts on ColdFusion based ORM, and I find that I’m seeing a lot of repeats on what configuration settings people are generally using when setting up ORM in their Applicaiton.cfc, and why they should use certain settings. I figured it would be useful if I wrote down […]

cf.Objective() ColdFusion 9 ORM Training

I believe it is time for some shameless self promotion! If you were looking for more information on the ColdFusion 9 Object Relational Mapping Training that the venerable Bob Silverberg and I are putting on at cf.Objective() next April, we have just fleshed out the content section of our site to include a detailed outline […]

Getting UTF-8 and MySQL to work with ColdFusion 9 ORM

A question I've seen show up quite often in Hibernate forums is 'How do I get Hibernate to generate UTF-8 Compliant Tables and/or columns when it generates my database tables when using mySQL?' It's actually, quite easy to do, but often (myself included), people end up looking deep into Hibernate for some mysterious setting. In […]

Overloading ORM Implicit Get and Set Methods

This is something I just ran into with ColdFusion 9's ORM implementation, that thankfully Rupesh got back to me very fast on, otherwise, I probably would have been confused for quite a while. I needed to overwrite a get and set value in a CFC I was creating.  We will say for arguments sake I […]