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JavaLoader 1.0 Beta Released

JavaLoader 1.0 is moving from Alpha to Beta with only a few small bug fixes and enhancements. If you are not familiar with JavaLoader 1.0's functionality, you can have a look at my previous blog post , the documentation and/or the presentation I did at MAX for more information. The was a logic bug in […]

JavaLoader 1.0 Alpha is Released!

JavaLoader 1.0 is a project I've been talking about off and on for the past 6 months or so, and I'm very happy to announce that a release version is now complete. There are several key new features to JavaLoader 1.0, Dynamic Compilation Now if you are working with JavaLoader, you don't have to bundle […]

ColdSpring News, CFConversations RoundTable and other cf.Objective() tidbits

While I am recovering from the Australian WebDU conference, a few days before that started I got off a plane after the end of the wonderful cf.Objective() conference. I have to say, this year's cfObjective() was the best organised out of all the years I have been to.  As per usual, the content was stellar, […]

Conduit: The ColdFusion Adapter for BlazeDS

This project started with writing the translation layer for doing Transfer to Flex communication, I ran into a pretty nasty bug in ColdFusion's remoting implementation, and then ended up in a place that solves all these problems, and is incredibly flexible and powerful to boot!  Quite the round trip, but well worth it in the […]

Managing Selfish Threads in ColdFusion

As per usual, this is something that came out of my work with Transfer, but is something that applies to any ColdFusion application that exists. So in the context of ColdFusion, what exactly are we referring to when we say Thread?  Generally the first thing we think of is <cfthread>, which executes some code on […]