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JavaLoader 1.1, and a Move to GitHub

A couple of new items in this release of JavaLoader: A few bug fixes in the NetworkClassLoader that allowed the Tika library to work. A new function for switching out the ThreadContextClassLoader. The new function, swithThreadContextClassLoader() is useful as it is often required when dealing with libraries, such as dom4j, that use the ClassLoader to […]

JavaLoader 1.0 Released

JavaLoader 1.0 goes final, with only a minor modification to how trusted source is managed when dynamic compilation is used. Now, when trusted source is set to true, the compiled JAR is retained, so that on server restart the code does not have to be re-compiled, and can simple be loaded from the existing JAR.  […]

JavaLoader 1.0 Beta 2 Released

This release of JavaLoader 1.0 includes the following fixes and enhancements: Performance improvements in loading classes Fix syntax so that JavaLoader 1.0 can be loaded on ColdFusion 7 Extend the documentation If you aren't aware of the new functionality in JavaLoader 1.0, you can have a look at my previous blog post , the documentation […]

JavaLoader 1.0 Beta Released

JavaLoader 1.0 is moving from Alpha to Beta with only a few small bug fixes and enhancements. If you are not familiar with JavaLoader 1.0's functionality, you can have a look at my previous blog post , the documentation and/or the presentation I did at MAX for more information. The was a logic bug in […]

JavaLoader 1.0 Alpha is Released!

JavaLoader 1.0 is a project I've been talking about off and on for the past 6 months or so, and I'm very happy to announce that a release version is now complete. There are several key new features to JavaLoader 1.0, Dynamic Compilation Now if you are working with JavaLoader, you don't have to bundle […]