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JavaLoader 0.6 Released

Not a huge amount to report. This release simply re-orders some of the class loading, so it is child first. This is important in case you load up a newer (or older) version of a library that ColdFusion already has access to, and you want to make sure you get the library you want, not […]

Javaloader v0.5 Released

Here is the release of JavaLoader, version 0.5. It pretty much does exactly the same thing that the previous versions did, however, it now works in ColdFusion 8, when the setting 'Disable access to internal ColdFusion Java components' is turned on, as it uses its own JavaProxy CFC, which may often be turned on on […]

JavaLoader v0.4 Released

One thing that I always gets complaints about with JavaLoader is that you can't delete or rename a .jar file once it is use by ColdFusion, you either have to restart CF, or name the .jar file something funky like 'myOwnJar-10042007.jar', so it has a unique name.  Now with this version of JavaLoader, that issue […]

Issue with cfcatch and JavaLoader

This is an issue I came across yesterday while doing some work on Transfer that affects JavaLoader , and generally anything that uses an URLClassLoader to load any external class/jar files. The issue lies with catching Java exception with <cfcatch>.  The documentation states, that to catch a thrown Java exception you can specify the type […]

Javaloader Version 0.3 Released

I quietly released version 0.3 of JavaLoader today. I'm not sure if anyone actually noticed. Mind you, I didn't actually tell very many people, so I guess I should proclaim a little. The main purpose of this release is to give greater control over the ClassPath loading behaviour. There are two new optional arguments on […]