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JRuby, LWJGL & OpenGL – Getting Started with Shaders

In Part 2 we drew a triangle using a Vertex Buffer, and some basic shaders. While on the surface this can seem overtly complicated, it actually becomes the basis of a powerful OpenGL achitecture to enable you to leverage the GPU is a variety of very interesting ways without having to rely on the CPU. […]

JRuby, LWJGL & OpenGL – Drawing a Triangle

In Part 1 we created a window, nothing too fancy. Now we get to actually display a triangle. Just to follow along as well, I’m moving through the Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming online book to learn OpenGL (again), so the OpenGL examples I will be displaying will be ports from the code that that […]

Creating a window with LWJGL and JRuby

This is the most basic of steps before getting anything done with LWJGL and JRuby, so I figured I would document it to help people with the initial hurdles. Before doing anything with LWJGL and JRuby, you need to set things up correctly so that LWJGL can find its native extensions. The easiest way I […]