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ColdSpring News, CFConversations RoundTable and other cf.Objective() tidbits

While I am recovering from the Australian WebDU conference, a few days before that started I got off a plane after the end of the wonderful cf.Objective() conference. I have to say, this year's cfObjective() was the best organised out of all the years I have been to.  As per usual, the content was stellar, […]

An introduction to ColdFusion frameworks – now on Adobe Devnet!

I'm feeling pretty excited, because my first article for Adobe DevNet has finally been published. An introduction to ColdFusion frameworks It covers the differences between Model-View-Controller, Dependency Injection, and Persistence frameworks, and also gives a general overview of some of the most popular offerings that are available in ColdFusion right now. There was a bit […]

Options for deploying CFCs on an Application

I've had several conversations with people on various mailing lists about what is the best way to structure your CFCs so that they: can be typed via 'return' attributes of cffuncion of 'type' attributes of cfargument can be set in 'extends' attributes of cfcomponent are very portable – i.e. it is easy to use […]

Prototype Based Programming with CFCs

A while ago, I posted an example of creating CFC definitions on the fly using a function I wrote called StructToBean(). It essentially used the concepts of Prototype Based programming to implement the getter and setter methods on a blank CFC, so that the data of the Struct was encapsulated in an object without having […]