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Installing Oracle XE on Ubuntu

This is more a note to myself, as I seem to forget this step whenever I am installing Oracle XE on an Ubuntu server. As well as all the usual suspects (build-essential, linux-header-server, etc), also remember to install: libaio1 libaio-dev bc Either that, or if you feel like downloading a random 200MB, you can install […]

CASE in ORDER BY statement

This was one of those things where I've just gone 'I wonder if this works..' and strangely enough it DID! Situation was something like the following (okay – something is a very broad term, because it wasn't really like this at all) – I have a document management system – and each document has a […]

Oracle 9i Hierachical Data support

Was searching for a way to do ordering within CONNECT BY clauses in Oracle PL/SQL, and came across this great article on all sorts of aspects of Hierarchical data support within Oracle 9i. Querying Hierarchies: Top-of-the-Line Support Particularly interesting facts include the ability to ORDER SIBLING BY to order within a Hierarchical query, and using […]

Connecting CFMX Pro to Oracle

This has been convered in a few places, but people ask this alot, so I figured I would drop my version of the answer somewhere that may be a little easier to find. I've done this a few times here and there. There are a variety of ways that you can connect Oracle, but most […]

Oracle 9i Database Documentation

If anyone is wondering why I poste the 9i documentation, is because it always seems to me that most people have trouble finding it in the Oracle site. It's buried pretty deep. (Or maybe they don't look – either way, it's right here) Oracle9i Database Online Documentation I must say, as far as documentation goes […]