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New version of Compound Theory is now live!

I can’t believe the last time I did an update to this blog’s design was 2005, which was a long, long, long time ago. This site has now been migrated over to WordPress and thanks to the wonderful skills of my wife Amy¬†, is sporting a much nicer look than I could ever have come […]

Not been blogging much, where have I been?

I came to the realisation the other day, that my blog has really become almost totally announcement based.  A series of presentation announcements, eSeminars, ColdFusion User Groups, Code Releases and various other 'hey! this is what is going on' posts. It used to be chock full of weird and interesting things you could do with […]

Recently on #coldfusion…

This was too clever to pass up (By the way, 'Neuro', or 'Neurotic' is me): <DanWilson> Neuro doesn't have kids, he generates them <jamiejackson> hope they don't inherit behavior <DanWilson> behaviour is mixed in at runtime Check out more silliness at #coldfusion on Dalnet irc! 

How to Ask Questions the Smart Way

This is a FAQ that was first written back in 2004, and has been updated ever since, but outlines what I believe to be the best way to ask questions on technical forums. I think it's important to post it up, every now and again, so that people remember that it exists for a reason […]

You can get me on Pownce!

I've started using Pownce mainly these days, instead of Twitter. While I do like Twitter, Pownce just has a more polished feel to it, and has some far better functionality. If you want to reach me on Pownce, you can catch me at: Here is a quick rundown of the things I like about […]

RSS Feeds now Aggregating

Nope, you're not going crazy, I have some posts that weren't showing up on aggregates.  This was because my RSS feeds were being compressed by the web server they were on, and coming back as a weird Content Type.  That's all been fixed, so you should now see all my posts as per usual. Compound […]