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Sneak Peak: Transfer’s new Plug-able Cache

If you've kept and eye on the transfer-dev mailing list, or possibly on Brian Ghidinelli's blog you may well have already seen this, but its an interesting development with the next version of Transfer, so I figured it could use some discussion. If you have a look in the Transfer SVN repository, you will see […]

ColdSpring News, CFConversations RoundTable and other cf.Objective() tidbits

While I am recovering from the Australian WebDU conference, a few days before that started I got off a plane after the end of the wonderful cf.Objective() conference. I have to say, this year's cfObjective() was the best organised out of all the years I have been to.  As per usual, the content was stellar, […]

CodexWiki goes open Beta!

For a while now, Luis Majano and I have been working on CodexWiki , a ColdBox , Transfer and ColdSpring powered wiki. The features in it have come together really nicely, including one of the slickest wiki editors I have ever seen, and it has finally gotten to the point where there was no point […]

Transfer Survey, and the Results Are In!

I officially closed the Transfer survey a short time ago, as results had slowed to a crawl.  Overall we had 87 respondents, and it was really, really useful to get the feedback. I can honestly say the feedback from this survey has changed the road-map for the next two releases of Transfer. Transfer Experience This […]

Adobe eSeminar tomorrow: Transfer ORM Caching Mechanics

Just a reminder that I'm doing an Adobe eSeminar tomorrow at 2pm on Transfer Caching Mechanisms One of the most powerful features of Transfer is its highly configurable, in-built caching layer that allows for significant performance gains for a given application when configured correctly. During this eSeminar we'll discuss caching concepts such as 'caching algorithms' […]

Transfer 1.1 Final Released

After a few minor delays, Transfer 1.1 Final is ready for final release. A few bugs and fixes occured during the release candidate period, so make sure you upgrade to the final release if you are running the release candidate. For those of you not familiar with the new features of 1.1, some of the […]

Transfer Survey, now open!

I've put together a short Google Forms survey on Transfer to get some consolidated feedback from the community at large on what people are doing with Transfer, what features they want in the future, and what can be done to improve it overall. It isn't limited to just people who are using Transfer.  If you […]