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An introduction to ColdFusion frameworks – now on Adobe Devnet!

I'm feeling pretty excited, because my first article for Adobe DevNet has finally been published. An introduction to ColdFusion frameworks It covers the differences between Model-View-Controller, Dependency Injection, and Persistence frameworks, and also gives a general overview of some of the most popular offerings that are available in ColdFusion right now. There was a bit […]

Transfer 1.1 Release Candidate 2

Release Candidate 2 of Transfer 1.1 is now available for download. It has several critical bug fixes from the previous Release Candidate. While I did promise several blog posts about the new features, I simply haven't had time, as I'm been incredibly busy with client work, and working on Transfer. That being said, the documentation […]

TransferSync for Transfer Clustering

Tom de Manincor Released yesterday TransferSync , a nice tool that works with Transfer to enable it to be used across a cluster of servers, and maintain its cache. It's really a nice little piece of software, a huge thanks goes out to Tom for putting this together.  He's expanded on some of the ideas […]

eSeminar Tomorrow!: What’s new in Transfer 1.0 (and 1.1?)

I'm going to be presenting 'What's new in Transfer 1.0' in Adobe's continuing eSeminar series. Agenda: Transfer 1.0 is finally here! This release comes bundled with lots of brand new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. In this eSeminar we'll introduce you to the new Transfer functions and provide more ways to implement ColdFusion applications […]

Transfer 1.1 Release Candidate

Transfer 1.1 Release Candidate Hot on the heals of Transfer 1.0, is Transfer 1.1, now with added sugar and spice, and all things nice! :oD This release has been squarely aimed at large Transfer based systems, in order to give them more control over the caching layer, and provide more performance overall.  (Which is not […]

ColdFusion 9 + Hibernate == Transfer Killer?

So I figured I better head this off at the pass, because I'm already getting questions in my inbox about whether this is the end of the road with Transfer , and what I plan to do with it, and OMGZ! TRANSFER IZ DEADZ!!!. Let it be known, it couldn't be farther from the truth. […]

CFMeetup Transfer Introduction Recording

This is just to post a link to the recording of the session of Introduction to Building Applications with Transfer ORM that I did recently on cfmeetup! To view the recording, you can go here . This one should hopefully not have the sync issues the previous one did.

Transfer 1.0 Goes Gold!

Today is the day in which Transfer finally hits its stable, final, and complete 1.0 status. The release candidate phase is finally over, and it showed up some critical bugs, which have since been fixed. Things are moving along speedily, with the recent completion of the support contracts, and sponsored development programs. I just finished […]