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webDU 2007 Post Mortem

I figured it was about time I made some comments on webDU now that the dust has settled (and I'm finally over the gastro I've had all week, including at the conference). Overall, I have to say I have an absolute blast, and it was brilliant to put some real faces to people who were […]

Javascript escape() and UTF-8

Something I came across today when dealing with Chinese languages – the javascript escape() function only works for ASCII characters, so if you are using another language things tend to go wonky pretty quick. The function you want to use is encodeURIComponent() which will handle Unicode quite happily. For a bit more reading: WorldTimZone's article […]

XHTML and 3 Column Layout

For a while now the CSS markup on Compound Theory has caused some interesting display bugs to occur on IE, and particularly on Mac IE. I’ve redone the whole CSS structure, and I think this is a much better (less bugs?) way than the previous. The originial incarnation was based on the principle of floating […]

My apologies to Mac Users

I just wanted to extend my apologies to Mac users, I know full well none of my forms display correctly on Macs (particularly Safari). It’s a known issue, but since I don’t have a Mac at hand, it’s very hard to debug :oP.  I realised that everything was all skew-iff when I did some screen […]

Mishoo’s Website

I just posted a link for Mishoo's website, simply because of the fact that he probably comes up with some of the coolest DHTML driven, cross browser free software out there. I personally use his HTMLArea WYSIWIG editor, which is great, and is backed by a large developer community. I recently came back to the […]

XHTML and ‘

It took me about 2 hours to work this one out, but it I ended up getting there at the end. I had ‘'’ in comments on this blog, and they were written as ‘'’ in the source, yet they didn’t want to come up as apostraphes. So I’m scratching my head, and I’m thinking […]