cf.Objective(ANZ) + Flex Speakers on 2DDU Podcast

On the 2 Developers Down Under podcast that myself and Kai Koenig run, we've been interviewing speakers from the cf.Objective(ANZ) + Flex conference, which was strongly inspired by the CFHour podcast (okay, we stole the idea), to give listeners a taste of the content of the conference, and let them get to the know the speakers that will be presenting.

We've managed two episodes so far, speaking to Tanya Gray, AJ Dyka, AJ Mercer, Andrew Meyers, Bjorn Schultheiss, Geoff Bowers (our first return guest) and Robin Hilliard, with plenty more to come!

It's been a lot of fun talking to everyone, and I think it's going to make choosing which sessions to go to at the confernence even more difficult, as they all sound incredibly interesting.

So if you are interested in getting a taste of what our presenters will be showing off at cf.Objective(ANZ) + Flex, make sure to tune into the 2DDU podcast.    

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