cf.Objective(ANZ) is only a Month Away!

Wow, time flies!

Seems like only yesterday I was doing the closing remarks on the last cf.Objective(ANZ), and now it's already around the corner.

This year is going to be great once again, with lots of top notch speakers and a program that is going to be really interesting as well!

The sessions that I'm personally looking forward to are:

Functional Programming with Clojure & CFML – the best of both worlds?
I'm personally getting more and more into functional programming (or even just writing my OO code with more of a functional style). It's definitely something that is picking up steam all over the place, so I'm keen to see what Kai has to say.

Railo CLI
I'm doing a lot of (J)Ruby work these days, and I'm pretty much living in the console with the great tooling it has in this department. I'm really keen to see what advancements that Railo has made in this area, and see if there are opportunities there for cross pollination.

Building the Olympics
This should have some very interesting war stories of a site that is truly web scale.

Using nginx With ColdFusion
I've always been intrigued by nginx as I've seen it used in many places, but never looked into it itself. I know people that swear by it, so I'll be interested to learn more about nginx.

The Ugly Truth about Frameworks
This is just going to be fun 🙂

What sessions are you guys looking forward to?

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  • Sean Corfield | October 5, 2012

    Wish I could be there – those sound like great sessions! Hope the conference goes well!