cf.Objective() ColdFusion 9 ORM Training

I believe it is time for some shameless self promotion!

If you were looking for more information on the ColdFusion 9 Object Relational Mapping Training that the venerable Bob Silverberg and I are putting on at cf.Objective() next April, we have just fleshed out the content section of our site to include a detailed outline of the topics that we will be covering during the training program.

You'll know Bob from his blogging at, on a variety of all too clever stuff, including CF9 ORM, Git, Unit Testing, and ValidateThis – his own open source validation framework.  He's also an all-around nice guy

see that we cover a variety of topics with ColdFusion 9 ORM that will
allow you to hit the ground running once you have completed our
training, and it will be taught in a clear, step by step manner that
will leave you wondering why you ever thought the term "Object
Relational Mapper" sounded so scary and complicated.

So if you
are keen on expanding your skill-set with ColdFusion 9, and
specifically with its integrated ORM, we think this is the course for
you, and we hope to see you at cf.Objective()!

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