cf.Objective() Wrap up from Downunder

Now that things have finally settled down getting back to Australia
(and I finally have a laptop that I can use again), I can put some of
my thoughts down on (virtual) paper on the recent cf.Objective() conference.

of all, let me just say that this conference was the single best
ColdFusion learning experience I have ever had.  I don't think I have
learned as much, in such a short period at any other conference,
mailing list, chat room, or CFUG meeting.

have to seriously take my hat off to Jared, Steven and the rest of the
crew that put together this event – the facilities were excellent, the
speakers were phenomenal, and the food was fantastic (those chocolate

When I wasn't busy presenting on Transfer,
I actually got to run around and sit in on a whole lot of
presentations.  Again, these presentations were a level above and
beyond any I have seen elsewhere, so much so, that I can't pick out
specific ones in which I would say 'these are were the highlights for
me', otherwise, I'd just be listing 90% of the sessions I went to.

those of you who are still waiting on my presentation slides, please be
patient.  I only just got ColdFusion back up and running on my
resurrected laptop, so I've got a little ways to go.  Thankfully all
the slides where backed up, and I just need to do some work on the
example application before I can make it available for download.

from Australia, and actually physically meeting so many of the people
that I talk to online, day in, day out, was an absolute pleasure.  A
few of you I had met before, but most of you I have only ever talked to
via text.  It is always amazing how much more you get out of simply
physically sitting in the same room as someone and being able to chat
about things, than you can via something like IRC.

the presentations were incredible, I think I probably took more away
from talking to people about ColdFusion at cf.Objective().  The
environment and the people that were around really lent itself to
creating some really interesting discussions about ColdFusion and
various other software development topics.  I often woke up at 5:30am
and simply couldn't get to sleep again because I had to get some
thoughts down on paper, or I had to actually start writing some code.

The only complaint I had about the conference was the complete lack of sleep
I got!  I landed in Minneapolis in time for some dinner, having had
about 3 hours sleep, and then promptly got dragged into conversing
about ColdFusion until 2am in the morning.  I think I actually worked
out, in over 72 hours of being awake, I had only managed around 11
hours sleep.  Of course it was totally not by fault that I was forced
to stay up late drinking and talking geeky things. ;D

however, regardless of what country you reside in, if you are seriously
looking to expand you knowledge of enterprise development, be it
beginner, or advances, cf.Objective() is the best learning experience you could have.  Funds non-withstanding, I will definitely be there next year.

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  • Dan Wilson | May 15, 2007

    Great summary Mark,

    I am with you on the sleep portion. When I got on my final flight back to Newark I was looking forward to a nice long nap.

    The 6 year old behind me had other plans and kicked my chair for 3 hours.

    There is time enough to sleep when we are dead I guess.

    It was a pleasure meeting you IRL. See you in IRC.


  • Derek P. | May 16, 2007

    It was definitely an awesome conference!! It was great meeting you in person, hope to see you at another conference, soon! If not, I will see you at cf.Objective() 2008!