CFEclipse Presentation on Thursday For CFUG Melbourne

Just a note to let anyone who doesn’t know –

I’m doing a presentation this Thursday to the Melbourne CFUG on using Eclipse as a IDE for developing ColdFusion.

To c/p from the notice that was sent out to the CFAUSSIE mailing list, I will be presenting:

  • Installing Eclipse 
  • Plugin installation (including CFEclipse, as well as several handy others) 
  • Overview of using Eclipse and it’s capabilities. 
  • Overview of CFEclipse and it’s capabilities. 
  • General Q & A.

I will basically be taking a clean computer – and installing Eclipse, and then going through installing plugins piece by piece, so if you are new to Eclipse, it should (hopefully) leave you with a good idea about how to set up Eclipse for yourself as a good IDE for developing ColdFusion – which can be a bit of a hurdle if you have never used Eclipse before.

The plugins I will be installing (for reference)

I hope to see some people there!

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  • Saurabh Mishra | November 12, 2004

    Hi Mark,

    My company has a intranet website that is CFMX driven and we have been using Dreamweaver MX for most of our development needs. I have been searching for open source alternatives and found your blog entries convincing enought to install CFEclipse on my machine. So far it has been working great and I look forward to discovering all the other features.

    Would it possible for you to post your presentation on the internet or email it to me, so that newbies like me can convince others about trying Eclipse.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mark | November 12, 2004

    Unfortunatley I’ve got nothing to send to you Saurabh!

    I was going to simply go through the steps while showing the laptop screen as I did it during the presentation.

    Unfortunatley as well – the presentation had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers.

    But if you have any questions and/or comments, join the CFEclipse group over at tigres, and join the mailing list – everyone over there is incredibly helpful.

    Hope that helps.

  • Rob | November 18, 2004

    I have been toying around with some quicktime training videos – how to install eclipse etc, you can check them out here: