Chat to me via my webpage!

Just a neat little gimmick, but I've been using meebo as my IM client for a while now, and really love it.

Today they came out with a Flash widget that you can put on your site so that people who visit, can message you to your meebo account.

I had to put it on here, so send me a quick hello if you get the chance, it would be great to say hi to people who visit my site!

(For those of you who have seen this post come, go, come back, and then come back again.. don't worry you're not going nuts, my ISP has been having issues with their databases) 

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  • Dave_Matthews | August 10, 2006

    Where is the chat app?… can’t find it!

  • Mark | August 11, 2006

    << Look over here on your left… for a box entitled ‘Instant Messenger’

  • FefaSims | August 10, 2009