ColdDoc 0.1 Released

ColdDoc 0.1 is finally ready as a release version.

ColdDoc is a port of JavaDoc for ColdFusion, and generates static .html files that display API information for a collection of CFCs.

ColdDoc was initially written to output the API documentation for Transfer, which can be seen here .

The benefits of outputting documentation to static html files, rather than doing it dynamically include:

  • Less processing at run time 
  • Documentation can be linked to, without fear of page names and/or anchors changing
  • The ability to generate API details such as Direct known subclasses and Method Overrides information which would be too expensive to determine at run time.

Currently ColdDoc only supports a single root path, and is missing some JavaDoc implementations, such as a Index page, and Interface documentation, and can only run on ColdFusion 8.

ColdDoc can be downloaded from here .

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  • Todd Sharp | November 23, 2008

    Wow man that is _very_ nice work. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • John Whish | November 24, 2008

    Nice – very nice! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • David Lakein | November 25, 2008

    Very nice!

    I’m trying it out on a large CFC-based app we are refactoring for a client, and works nicely so far. I had one main issue getting it running (besides the parse error I found in one component), that in the template HTML files that are included, they declare local variables that aren’t var scoped.
    This caused an error with a local var init, which conflicted with the ColdDoc.cfc’s init() method.

    I’ll put up an issue on riaforge.

  • Gary | December 13, 2008

    Hi Mark. Just downloaded your tool and tried to give it a run. I ran into the following error I thought you could help me with before I go hacking away. Thanks!

    Element NAME is undefined in INIT.

    The error occurred in C:ColdFusion8wwwrootColdDocresourcestemplatesclass.html: line 223
    Called from C:ColdFusion8wwwrootColdDocresourcestemplatesclass.html: line 1
    Called from C:ColdFusion8wwwrootColdDocColdDoc.cfc: line 260
    Called from C:ColdFusion8wwwrootColdDocColdDoc.cfc: line 98
    Called from C:ColdFusion8wwwrootColdDocColdDoc.cfc: line 71
    Called from C:ColdFusion8wwwrootColdDocColdDoc.cfc: line 32
    Called from C:ColdFusion8wwwrootColdDocrun.cfm: line 11
    221 : </tbody></table>
    222 :
    223 : <a name=""><!– –></a><h3>
    224 :
    225 :</h3>

  • Mark | December 14, 2008

    What CF server are you running on? (exact version, as I usually run 8.0.1)
    Can you show me the code you were trying to use to run it?
    What platform are you on, Windows, Mac?

  • Steve Brownlee | January 27, 2009

    Hey Mark, thanks for this great project. Unfortunately, I’m getting the same error as Gary. I see it at soon as I execute the run.cfm file.

    I put in some fixes to work around it, but thought I’d report it.

    ColdFusion 8.0.1 Developer – Multiserver install
    Windows XP SP2
    JDK 1.6.0_10

  • Mark | January 28, 2009


    Thanks for letting me know. There is actually a fix for this in SVN I wrote a while back, I was just waiting on some user testing… which I then prompty forgot about. I’ll chase it up and do a new release.

  • Gary | February 3, 2009

    Work like a charm now!

    Thanks Mark!!!