ColdDoc 1.0 Release (and a move to GitHub)

ColdDoc is one of those projects I don’t work without these days. No matter the project, I’ve always got a stack of CFCs in it, and I need a way to document what objects I have, and what methods they have on them. A great example being the ColdSpring 2 project.  I’ve got my local Jenkins install hooked up to generate the ColdDoc documentation on each run, and I usually run it locally often while developing, so I have an up to date reference of what methods are available to me, without having to dig into actual CFC code.

ColdDoc has been ready for 1.0 release for quite a while, but has yet to be formally pushed out into the wild.

With a little push from behind from @vanderwoud, I got my planned migration of ColdDoc to GitHub into gear, and all is now complete.

Now ColdDoc is hosted on GitHub, which is great, because it really is the best place to allow for community contributions, as well as the documentation ported over into the Wiki.

ColdDoc 1.0’s big new ticket item is interface support (although it doesn’t support multiple interface inheritance), as well as lots of little bug fixes.

So if you are ready to get your automated documentation on, grab a copy of ColdDoc, run it against your current code base, and see what comes out!

And if you have any contributions you would like to make to ColdDoc (and I’m sure there are some out in the wild), please issue a pull request against the repository.

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