ColdFusion 10 with Ubuntu Upstart

Setting up ColdFusion 10 on an Ubuntu Server, and as per usual, the installation option to start up ColdFusion when the server starts does not work on Linux.

So I wondered how hard it would be to set this up using Upstart, and it was surprisingly easy with a few bit of trial and error.

This is what I would eventually came up with:

Unfortunately, I would like this to respawn if it somehow dies, and it doesn't look like this style of setting up will work for that.

Anyone else tried this? What did you come up with?

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  • Sergii | May 29, 2012

    Last time for ACF9 I’ve used old-style method: rc.d. For manual installation it means copying coldfusion shell script to /etc/init.d/coldfusion and then installing it like this:

    cd /etc/init.d/
    update-rc.d coldfusion defaults 51

    Removing is also simple:

    update-rc.d -f coldfusion remove

    I don’t know if it handles the respawning, though. I guess it is pretty easy to set up watchdog cron job wich would use ps + grep to find out whether process is running.