ColdFusion Builder Beta 3 on Linux

ColdFusion Builder 3 is up on Labs , and available for download, so it's now time to update my scripts for getting it up and running on Linux.

The procedure is as following:

  1. Download the intermediate build *for MAC* (very important! The Windows Adobe Licensing will prevent you from using the Windows version any more, as it uses .dll files, and those don’t work on Linux, but the Mac version works on Linux!)
  2. Download .
  3. Unzip into a directory
  4. Unzip
  5. Unzip / (may be easier to do that into another folder)
  6. From the unzipping of grab /Z_/dist/_macos_87b1877cbdff_zg_ia_sf.jar and put it in the same folder as where you unzipped
  7. Run ’./’ from the folder you unzipped it to.
  8. You should now have a ’plugins’ and ’features’ folder with just the bits you need to install into Eclipse.
  9. Enjoy CF Builder in Linux 😀


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  • David Henry | January 23, 2010

    Do I need to do anything to remove beta 2 before trying this or can I just drop the new files on top of the old ones?

  • Mark | January 23, 2010

    I tend to always start with a clean workspace and fresh install, because then there are no compatibility issues.

    That being said – you can always try it. If it doesn’t work, start anew ;o)

  • Obry | March 16, 2010

    Am I missing something but where do I get the script mentioned in this tutorial. I had CFBuilder B2 running under Eclipse 3.5.1 on Ubuntu 9.04 x64 using the old instructions but now we’re using the Mac build? If anyone would be kind enough to email me the script, please do so at obry2000(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!

  • Mark | March 16, 2010

    @Obry – just download the scripts from the link above. The files are in the .zip archive.

  • keener | December 18, 2010

    now that CFBuilder is no longer in beta, is there any way to install it in Linux?

  • Mark | December 20, 2010


    Unfortunately no. The licensing in CFBuilder is written in native Mac/Win code, and won’t run on Linux.

    Make sure to vote to have ColdFusion Builder on Linux:

  • Max | March 22, 2011

    Has anything changed with the introduction of ColdFusion Builder 2?

    The above bug link no longer works, by the way, and searching the new ColdFusion Builder bug base for "linux" doesn’t throw up any results.

  • Mark | March 26, 2011

    @Max – unfortunatley, no, nothing has changed with Builder2.

    There is no linux support at this stage.

    I’m currently running Builder in a lightweight XP VM on Ubuntu. It works ;o)