ColdSpring 2 Documentation Competition – Win a Copy of CFBuilder!

With the rewrite of ColdSpring , a whole load of documentation also needed to be ported, and in some cases, actually written for the first time, for existing functionality as well as new functionality.

Unfortunately it became a real sticking point with getting a release of ColdSpring 2 out of the door.

While the documentation isn’t quite complete, there is enough there to get people started, and it can be fleshed out on a case by case basis.

That being said – to help make the documentation complete as quickly as possible, there is now a competition to win a copy of ColdFusion Builder, and the way to enter is to write documentation for ColdSpring 2.

The rules are very simple:

  • To enter, you have to write a page of documentation for ColdSpring 2.
  • You can write multiple pages, for more chances to win.
  • Entries can be submitted directly to the Trac Wiki, in Word or OpenOffice format and emailed to me directly (email below), or to the ColdSpring Google Group.
  • Some pages are easier than others, so best to get in early (some are just ports/extensions from the existing documentation).
  • Possible pages are the pages that are empty on the Wiki (unless you come up with some new section that is deemed to be an missing item).
  • A documentation page must be approved on completion to be an entry (i.e. no 2 line entries, etc trying to game the system).
  • The competition closes on the 31st of November (Australia time!), and the winner will be randomly selected from the entries, and a copy of ColdFusion Builder will be sent to the winner!

To make this more enticing, and also a whole lot easier, I’m offering each person who wants to enter my Skype and IM details.

Skype: mark_mandel
Gtalk & MSN:

I’m happy to have a 10-15 minute voice chat with potential entrants explaining a feature if they are new to it and/or guiding them in what I had in mind for the documentation page, and give whatever other advice they need via IM and email to help them complete their documentation page.

So not only is this a chance to help out the ColdSpring and ColdFusion community, it’s a chance to win FREE copy of ColdFusion Builder, and also it’s a great opportunity to pick my brain on ColdSpring 2 (which should hopefully be worth something as well  🙂 ).

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