Coming to speak at cf.Objective()!

As per usual, I'm late with my announcement that I will speaking at
cf.Objective() again this year.  It is actually really interesting to
see the schedule contain so many sessions that cover OO concepts, and specifically, how to use common tools and development practices to make OO development in a web application context so much easier, better and faster.

This is obviously a real trend in the ColdFusion thoughtscape, with sessions like:

  • Introduction to OO Modeling and Design – Brian Kotek
  • Taking Code Reuse to a Higher Level – Jeff Chastian
  • Building an Object Oriented Model – Bob Silverberg
  • RAD OO in Code – Peter Bell
  • Atomic Reactor – Mark Drew
  • Leveraging Basic Object Oriented Concepts and Design Patterns in ColdFusion – Phill Nacelli
  • What to do When OO Fails you in ColdFusion – Brian Meloche
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Java Backends with CFML Frontends – Matt Woodward
  • Object Relational Mapping with ColdFusion – Jason Delmore
  • An Object Oriented Approach to Validations – Bob Silverberg
  • Leveraging Enterprise Open-Source Java in ColdFusion – Joe Rinehart

..and of course, my very own Rapid OO Development with ColdFusion Frameworks.

If you are looking to do, or already are doing Object Oriented development in ColdFusion, this is quite obviously the place to be!

In my Rapid OO talk, we are going to take a completely manually written OO
model, including persistence to the database, and slowly strip parts of
the code away, replacing them with a combination of ColdFusion
Frameworks and custom generic code, to give you some new tools in your 'OO Development tool-belt', that you can then go away and play with, and hopefully include in your day to day development practices.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

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