CompoundTheory version 2.0 is ALIVE!


I spent months and months writing the stuff behind this site in my spare time, and finally I can see the results. v2.0 is up and running :o).

I had had a bunch of ideas for different pieces of Coldfusion software to write, some interesting ideas for CSS styling, and a whole internal argument on how to design my code… I decided to rewrite my blog with all those ideas in mind.

After refactor after refactor after refactor (you have no idea how much code I threw away and rewrote), I’m actually happy with the way this thing turned out.  In all honesty it’s been a great learning experience.

So in the near future you should be seeing me releasing some of the things I’ve written that are utlised behind the scenes on this blog, which is very exciting for me, as I’ve never really ‘open sourced’ anything before, and I hope everyone who looks at what I’ve written can (a) find it useful and (b) learn as much as I did writing them.

So keep your eyes peeled for a little ‘Projects’ box that will eventually sit on the right hand side, and various other things I’ve got in my head to go on this site, and hopefully you will enjoy your stay.

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  • Trond Ulseth | November 9, 2005

    Looks great!!!

  • Mike Brunt | November 10, 2005

    Yes it does look good, it’s nice to see a blog that looks different, congratulations.

  • Amy | November 10, 2005

    Can’t comment on the behind the scenes stuff but I can say ’tis lookin’ good! A nice departure from the orange.