Eclipse and Unicode Support

Much thanks to Rob from CFEclipse for pointing this out for me.

Eclipse by default does not support Unicode / UTF-8.

Turning it on, is very easy if you know where it is.

Window > Preferences > Workbench > Editors

At the bottom of that screen you can see 'Text file encoding'. Just choose the relevent one (choices range from US-ASCII to UTF-8), click the one you want, and presto, away you go.

Then just reopen the UTF-8 file you had, and presto – Unicode Support!

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  • O?uz Demirkap? | July 26, 2005

    Ok. I can set encoding utf-8. But how about BOM setting for files.

    I could not see any BOM settings like in DWMX.

    When we do not have any BOM for files, ColdFusion MX makes problem for Unicode chars.