Finally! CVS For Transfer!

I think to myself today… gee, I haven’t checked out my project application on for aaages, I’ll log in and see what’s going on.

Lo and Behold! The accepted my project back in November 2005, and I had no idea.

Thank you very much to the guys at cfopen, I must have lost the email along the way somewhere!  Guess that shows me that I should be more diligent in paying attention.

So I’m slowly moving my files up to CVS on cfopen – which is a long time in coming for Transfer .  At the moment it’s just the core code, but I will also be putting up my test cases, and the example code base shortly.

Version 0.4 is just on the horizon, with me pretty much just left with making some minor edits to some files, and packaging it all up nicely left to go, but I figured I would let you all have a taste a little bit early.

Enjoy the new CVS Repository.

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