Got ColdFusion?

Rey Bango has come up with a fantastic idea for promoting ColdFusion around the web

First stage of this project is a list of ColdFusion powered websites, that he wants to make sure is up to date, and highly visible.

To help power the site, have a wander over, and put in all the ColdFusion sites that you are aware of. Lets see how big we can make this list.

Apparently this is only step one in Rey's attempt to evangelise ColdFusion on the web, and more power to him.

Keep up the good work Rey, I like what you're doing.

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  • Rey Bango | February 28, 2007

    Thanks so much Mark!! 🙂

  • Sean Corfield | February 28, 2007

    Ben Forta has a similar list already.

    As "got coldfusion?" – buy the T shirts and wear them proudly:

  • Rey Bango | February 28, 2007

    Way to be supportive there Sean!

    Ben’s list has already been addressed in my posting to CF-Talk and Please go there to get my feedback.

    Also, already lists Will’s site in the resources section.

    Please visit the site and offer your support.


  • Sean Corfield | February 28, 2007

    Didn’t mean it to sound like I was putting your effort down – just wanted to point out that there was already an established list, managed by a ColdFusion evangelist so that folks reading would know about *two* such lists.

  • Rey Bango | February 28, 2007

    @Sean: Gotcha. Sorry for jumping the gun. I went to bed at 3:45am last night and I’m in a bit of a foul mood. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. Sorry about that.

  • Dmitry Yakhnov | March 1, 2007

    Unfortunately it looks like Ben is not adding sites regularly to his list, as I cannot find my one while done few submissions earlier.

    GotCFM has better navigation as well…

  • Jonas | October 31, 2007

    also, Ben’s site certainly doesn’t sport a look that looks "2007" to me… I really don’t feel like pointing people to that list, that site has not changed since CF5 was "hot" methinks.