Hello USA, and Hello Google

I guess I must have decided that life was too simple and boring, and I needed to change pretty much every aspect of my life.

Change All The Things

In just under a week, I’ll be moving my entire family up to the Bay Area in California from our home here in Melbourne Australia, and shortly thereafter joining the Developer Advocate team for the Google Cloud Platform, working out of the San Francisco office.

This is going to be a big difference from the past few years of my life. Not only are we all (dog included) shifting over to a different country, this role is quite different from what I have been doing professionally up until this point.  That being said, I’m really excited to join the Developer Advocate team, as it gives me a chance to do all things I used to do on the side for fun, but full time: Presenting, talking to people, building community and generally having smart conversations with super smart people to enable them to build bigger and better things.

The Google Cloud Platform is a really interesting piece of technology and it’s going to be incredibly enjoyable to dig deeper into the parts that I’ve already worked with, as well as have a good look at the parts I have yet to explore.

I’ll be going into an office again, which is going to be an adjustment after working from home for the past seven years. That being said, I think I will manage to cope with the difference given the awesome offices that Google has on offer, and the very intelligent people I will be working alongside. The fact Google is a dog friendly workspace also helps, although I’ve no idea if I will be able to convince Sukie to get onto the BART.

I’m also very much looking forward to working along side the wonderful Terry Ryan. I’ve known Terry for many years through various Adobe circles and always had a lot of respect for him, so being on the same team is going to be an absolute pleasure.

Last but not least, I have to give a huge amount of thanks to my wife Amy. Without her by my side this most definitely would not have been possible. The Google hiring process is nothing short of gruelling, and she was there with me every step of the way, supporting and encouraging me whenever I needed it. Not to mention the fact she also agreed to leave all her family and friends here in Melbourne and travel with me half way around the world, which is also no small feat. She’s pretty ace.

Next stop, USA!

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  • Jaime Metcher | April 28, 2015

    OMFG. Killin’ it, Mark. Gratz.

  • Andy Myers | April 28, 2015

    That is HUGE! Congratulations Mark! Well deserved – you’ll be perfect for the role I’m sure.

  • Sean Corfield | April 28, 2015

    FYI, dogs (and pets in general) are only allowed on BART if they are in a crate/container. Only service animals are allowed “loose” on just a leash/harness.

    We’re looking forward to having you as a near neighbor!

  • Ben Nadel | April 28, 2015

    So awesome! Best of luck to you 😀

  • Brian Rinaldi | April 28, 2015

    Congrats Mark! So cool that you will be working for Greg and with Terry. They are both great guys. Best of luck in the new role and with the big move.

    Hopefully I’ll get to say hi next time I am out in the Bay Area!

  • Ernst M. van der Linden | August 2, 2015

    That’s really awesome Mark, congrats!!