I’m engaged!

I'm so excited, I have to share.

My beautiful and incredible better half agreed to marry me over the weekend, and quite frankly I couldn't be happier.

She is the light of my life, and every day I am thankful she decided to fall in love with me. :o)

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  • eokyere | August 16, 2004

    nice… v. nice :)… congrats!!

  • darron | August 16, 2004

    Congrats! Do you have a date set? My wedding is in the planning stages for next summer. 🙂

  • Mark | August 16, 2004

    We are thinking about late next year, which will be summer / spring for us.

    Glad to hear it’s going on for you too Darron! :o)

  • Joe Rinehart | August 17, 2004

    Congrats! I popped the question last February (wedding next April), and it’s indeed one of the proudest moments I’ve known.

  • Arindam Biswas | August 17, 2004


    Congratulations and may your tribe increase, 🙂

  • Sean Corfield | August 17, 2004


    If you need some ideas for weddings, check out the four weddings my wife and I have had so far:


  • Jim Schley | August 21, 2004

    Congrats and best wishes to you and your fiancée from the Macromedia ColdFusion team in Newton, Massachusetts