Installing ColdFusion 7 on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

I'm not going to say that I'm a hardcore Linux user, but I found that
this was the simplest way to install ColdFusion 7 on Ubuntu, with the
least amount of fuss.

I've skipped describing any step in which you have your own options which are up to you, or the default specification is fine.

Hope you find it useful.

  1. Download coldfusion-702-lin.bin from
  2. Install apache2 using
    sudo apt-get install apache2
  3. Make sure you can compile things by installing:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential
  4. Rename the coldfusion-702-lin.bin to coldfusion-702-lin.bak
  5. We run the
    replace command
    on the binary
    # cat coldfusion-702-lin.bak | sed "s/export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/#xport LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/" > coldfusion-702-lin.bin
  6. I like to put my help files in /var/www – so, give me permission to do what
    I want to it:

    sudo chown <your user name> /var/www
  7. Run the newly made installer

    sudo ./coldfusion-702-lin.bin

    1. Choose Server Configuration
    2. Add web server Configuration

      1. Apache

        1. What directory contains your Apache configuration file:

        2. Where is the Apache program binary file?:

        3. Where is the control file that you use to start and stop the
          Apache web server?:

    3. Choose ColdFusion MX Administrator Location:

    4. Enter the name of the runtime user:
      Enter the name of the user that you set to own /var/www
  8. Download the hotfix wsconfig.jar for Apache 2.2 support and install it as per the instructions.
  9. gedit /opt/coldfusionmx7/bin/connectors/ and change the wsconfig to:

        -server coldfusion
        -ws apache
        -dir /etc/apache2
        -bin /usr/sbin/apache2
        -script /etc/init.d/apache2

    exit $#

  10. Start ColdFusion

    sudo /opt/coldfusion/bin/coldfusion start
  11. There will be an error about the connector – do not worry about it
  12. Run the apache connector

    cd /opt/coldfusionmx7/bin/connectors/
    sudo ./
  13. Browser to: http://localhost/cfide/administrator/index.cfm
  14. Rename, so we never see that error message again

    cd /opt/coldfusionmx7/bin
  15. You are complete!

Now that you've seen all that, it's nice to know that ColdFusion 8 installs seamlessly with Apache 2.2 right out of the box.

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  • Chris | June 13, 2007

    Hi Mark,

    as a side note: ColdFusion 8 (Scorpio) installs without any change on Feisty Fawn. It is simply a matter of running the installer. 🙂



  • Danny | July 17, 2007

    I kept getting ‘Exception occured trying to get an MBean’ error when using wsconfig.
    Use the cf jre when using wsconfig:

  • Jamie Jackson | August 10, 2007

    How about Verity and the search service, etc.: Did you get that going? I haven’t been able to make that happen.

  • Mark | August 10, 2007


    They *installed* okay, but I haven’t actually tried using any of them yet… so…. no idea?

  • Etch | August 17, 2007

    The process was just as seamless in Debian Etch although I did have to :
    apt-get install libstdc++6 libstdc++5 libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2

    This link is a great reference if u need to install on Etch CF8 installed the same as CF7 ( and its a sarge how to etch was no different ). MySql connect right away aswell.

  • Chris | September 27, 2007

    This helped me enormously. Only issue I had was getting the CF administrator to load once the install was complete. I got an error saying the graphing service was not available.

    I found this post that fixed it:

    short story, though, you just need to tack this on the end of the procedure if the problem occurs:

    sudo apt-get install libxp6
    sudo apt-get install libxt6
    sudo apt-get install libxtst6

  • engine | December 31, 2007

    Clear, but there was one piece of information I was looking for and didn’t find: is there a preferred location for saving the installer .bin?

  • Chris | December 31, 2007

    it doesn’t matter where you save the installer file… just put it in your download directory. Once CF is installed you can delete it anyway.

  • Whit | February 26, 2008

    I found that I needed to edit the apache configuration file to load the module. So for me, the process went Install CF8>Unzip Apache module (located in wsconfig.jar)>Update/run>Update apache2 config to load module (make sure it also recognizes index.cfm)

    basically coldfusion is one server, apache is another server and the connector allows apache to pass cfm pages to the CF server, which renders them, sends them back to apache for delivery to the browser. what needs to happen is: proper apache, CF8 installs; set up apache connector that comes with CF8 (via wsconfig.jar – use unzip command); configure apache to load CF8 (via jrun module) and recognize index.cfm

  • Whit | March 2, 2008

    useful settings here